The “Labeur” cap Ironny

“Labeur” is a black washed cap, with curved visor and low cut, faded and scratched as if it already stood the test of time.

The item features a minimalistic embroidery of Ironny logos. It takes its inspiration from a fable from Jean de La Fontaine, entitled “Le laboureur et ses enfants” (The farmer and his children).

The cap also has a discreet Ironny tag on its flank.

“Work, take pains:

It is the capital least likely to default.

A rich farmer, feeling his death approach,

Called his children to him, and spoke without witnesses.

Beware, he said, of selling the heritage

Which our parents left to us.

A treasure is hidden there.

I am not sure in which place ; but a little courage

Will help you find it, you will get to it at last.

Turn over your field when the August harvest is over.

Clear out, rake over, and dig ; leave no spot

Where hands have not passed and repassed.

When the father died, the sons went back to the field

Hither and thither, everywhere ; so well that at the end of the year

They had earned more money.

But found none hidden. But the father was wise

To show them before his death

That work itself is a treasure.

Jean de La Fontaine