The “Countryside” tee Ironny

“Countryside” is a black short sleeved t-shirt, synthesizing the main theme of the collection “between natural and artificial” along with the slogan “la vie au grand air” (french expression meaning “it’s better and healthier to live the outdoor life” in reference to places such as countryside in opposition to big cities).

This slogan goes with a visual presenting a painting from the Renaissance entitled “La Moisson ” (the Harvest) by Pieter Brueghel the elder, a 3D model of a combine harvester and a reworked chickadee in the artificial style of Ironny.

On the backside is found a classic Ironny logo in its signature shade.

An aqua green tag, the brand’s signature stamp, is present on the right shoulder, featuring the “Vega” and the “Sanctuary” logos.