The “Waifu” tee Ironny

Result of the collaboration with french illustrator @KasseusMaximus (see on Twitter), « Waifu » is a long sleeved t-shirt in charcoal gris, introducing Callisto, virtual muse of the brand.

The front visual quote references from various pop culture pieces, such as the Fifth Element or Neon Genesis Evangelion, alongside with natural elements like a plane tree leaf, one of the most common tree in Ironny’s creator birth region.

In the back is found the « Sanctuary » logo, revisited in the tee main theme.

An aqua green tag, the brand’s signature stamp, is present on the right shoulder, featuring the “Vega” and the “Sanctuary” logos.

About the artist : @kasseusMaximus (see on Twitter), is a french based illustrator, passionate about japanese animation and culture. He is today creating fanarts in the pure anime style for everyone’s enjoyment.